Eessential skin care during sunny days

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Published: 21st May 2008
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Usually, days of summer are the most critical period in which it is obvious comes the subject of skin care. During this period, ultra violet rays coming from sun are much intense and penetrative than other seasons of the year. Skin care is essential to battle with major problems such as increased activity of sweat glands, large amount oil secretion, and rise in production of the pigment melanin. During summer, mostly the activities which expose our body to the sun are swimming and cycling. Go for the type of skin care, considering the effect of things like chlorine, salt water, dust and dirt on exposed body.

As per expert's opinion, it is now clear that major amount of skin damage is only due to long span exposure to the sunlight. Emergence of wrinkles on the skin is the result of collagen infringement is due to penetration of the sun rays. Studies have shown that in the major cases there is risk of skin cancer, is because of heavy exposure to sun rays. Prolonged exposure to sun also results in to sunburn and skin borne diseases. For our skin care, all medical associations insist to use the sunscreen of proper contents which helps to diminish sunburn effect. Apply sunscreen before 15 minutes to going exposed to sun.

Even if sweating is irritating to everybody, we must accept the fact that it is a natural phenomenon by which our body cools down automatically. There are major consequences of heavy sweating such as dehydration is due to loss of water.Secondly, body also loses little amount of minerals like potassium. And hence maintaining level of water in our body is one of the important factors for skin care and total health also. We just drink water to silent the thrust, but we must see what quality we drink. So take care of consumption of water - water must be of normal temperature, and free from bacteria, infections, etc.

It seems like level of oil secretion always rises in the summer season. Every type of skin faces this problem, differs amount with only type of the skin as oily, dry or blend. Basic way to avoid this is keep the skin clean. Gentle cleanser is one of the best skin care solution to keep bacteria away. It also prevents deposition of dirt and dust which results due to skin getting oily.

Light diet is necessary for inside skin care. Aqueous fruits like grapes, orange, water melon, sweet lime, mango, pineapple, coconut, etc enrich our skin with lots of vitamins and minerals. In addition to that salad of vegetables like cucumber, radish, tomato, beans, and onion, etc also makes our skin healthy. Olive oil can be use internally and externally, internally - dressing of salads where as externally - making face mask. Olive oil has medicinal behavior that results as antioxidants, it prevents skin damage.

Extra basic tips for skin care - use cap, umbrella, sun coat, etc to prevent direct contact to sun rays. Also wear light cotton clothing to keep your self cool. Exercise also plays a nice roll for skin care. It improves our blood circulation, removes toxins and keeps us fresh all the day. So always give first priority to skin care during sunny days.

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